General terms

  • The company Affiliate Networks Group FZE LLC (Affiliate Networks Group FZE LLC), United Arab Emirates (hereinafter leadbit.com) operates and owns affiliate network on the domain: http://leadbit.com
  • Members of the affiliate network are: Webmasters, Advertisers, leadbit.com
  • Sign up for the affiliate network leadbit.com can through the registration procedure on the appropriate domain: http://leadbit.com
  • The administration reserves the right to refuse a webmaster to participate in the affiliate program without explanation

Requirements to Webmaster

  • The webmaster shall ensure that it has the necessary rights to conduct marketing activities on its alleged advertising platforms. He assumes any legal and financial responsibility for what is happening in its advertising platforms
  • The affiliate agrees not to take any action affecting the work of the partner network leadbit.com Under such actions technically refers to attempts to influence the health of servers affiliate network, attempts to break the protection mechanisms, use viruses, Trojans, other malware for any purpose. Use brute force attacks, DoS(DdoS) attacks, spam, links and any other process which may be detrimental to the affiliate network.
  • The publisher may have only one account. The account is created one by one natural person or one on one legal entity. If a natural person, performs duties in the state for a legal entity that has an account in affiliate networks Leadbit, he is prevented by these rules to create a personal account individuals to perform their duties for this legal entity.
  • The webmaster shall promptly respond to requests and appeals of the Administration leadbit.com including to eliminate the causes of complaints from advertisers about the content and quality of advertising materials, as well as sources and methods of placement of advertising materials. If within 12 hours of the request and appeals of the Administration not received a reply, the Administration may apply sanctions to the webmaster.
  • If you have any questions on the use of the affiliate program leadbit.com webmasters can contact the customer support leadbit.com for Webmasters
  • The webmaster is obliged to strictly abide by these rules

Requirements traffic sources

To get started on attracting visitors to offers must be registered in the program one or more sources

Traffic sources in leadbit.com can be

  • Own sites Webmasters
  • Content Sites
  • System banner ads
  • System for buying and selling traffic
  • Social network
  • Doorway traffic
  • All other sources after prior agreement with the Administration leadbit.com

Own sites Webmasters should to meet the following conditions:

  • The age of the site should be at least 2 weeks
  • The site should not violate the laws of Great Britain, and countries in traffic and offer which you are working
  • The website must be hosted on a paid hosting (exception can be made for Pre-landers and separate Landing pages)
  • Not allowed to work in the system sites with cheating visits
  • Do not use as sources of personal pages
  • Each source before using in the program is checked by the Administration leadbit.com
  • Administration leadbit.com reserves the right to refuse from participation in the program any source without explanation

Limitations in working with leadbit.com

To work on leadbit.com the Webmaster is prohibited:

  • Use not approved and prohibited by Administration sources
  • Use sources that violate the legislation of the Belize, and countries in traffic and offer which you are working
  • Use sources of intolerance by race and gender
  • Use sources which contain malicious code
  • To cheat the system in any way, including:
    • a/ to achieve objectives independently
    • b/ used to achieve objectives other users as a result of a request, reward, deception or misrepresentation
    • c/ obscure, or alter any referer
    • d/ to Change the IP address within the same subnet, or using proxy servers and anonymizers
    • e/ use not authorized by the offer and indicated in its description of the sources
    • f/ unsolicited (spam) to attract users or other webmasters
    • j/ use to attract traffic knowingly false facts about the offer
    • h/ Initiate automatic actions of users using scripts, bots, or any other means
  • Use any traffic of active advertising systems (seosprint, wmmail, etc.)
  • It is prohibited to use promotional materials (including brand) of one advertiser to promote the site of another advertiser. It's also prohibited to use advertising materials which contain official symbols (flags, coats of arms, links or names of official ministries and departments), as well as specific medical institutions, clinics, names of doctors.
  • It is forbidden to use any technology or types of cookie stuffing (cookie dropping). It is forbidden to use scripts that adding cookies to the sites that the User visited and viewed. It is forbidden to change, substitute, grind the cookies of the User to others who do not belong to the sites that you have seen.
  • Ignore the requests of the Administration to provide data about traffic sources or any other information relating to the activities of the Webmaster in leadbit.com
  • Enter the Administration misled in any way

The order imposing sanctions to the webmaster

If the Affiliate violates the rules of work with the system, the Administration reserves the right to apply sanctions

Sanctions can be of the form:

  • The suspension of payments on account, pending a decision on the degree of violation of the Webmaster
  • Temporary blocking of the account, pending a decision on the degree of violation of the Webmaster
  • Indefinite lock Webmaster account, blocking all earned funds in favor of the advertiser on whose offer had violated the rules

Making the decision on the degree of the offense Webmasters individually, but not more than within 3 working days of the date the sanction is in force

The settlements with the Publishers

Payments to webmasters are made according to the details indicated in the profile. Each offer has Hold value equal to the number of days given to the system and the advertiser to check the action. At the end of the Hold if the action is not canceled by the system or by the advertiser, the remuneration becomes available for withdrawal. The account of the webmaster consists of two fields : Balance and Available. On Balance there is potentially earned money on the action before the expiry of Hold. In 'Available' funds are available for withdrawal

The rules of payment

  • Payments are made weekly on Thursdays
  • All payments are made centrally and simultaneously to all webmasters without the ability to make individual payments before
  • To get paid, and must be booked through your personal account. Order to output only the amount held in the Available
  • Minimum amount to be paid – $ 30.

The administration reserves the right at any time and without notice change these rules

Privacy policy

Privacy policy and disclosure of personal information

This privacy policy is provided by leadbit.com, acting as the Recipient and the Personal Data Controller, in order to ensure the inviolability and lawful processing of private information of personal data subjects participating in the partnership program, in accordance with EU Directive 2016/679 "On the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data data and on the free movement of such data "(hereinafter - the Directive), which entered into force on May 25, 2018. Please carefully read the information below to prevent any misunderstanding regarding the processing of your personal information.

What this privacy policy provides

According to the Directive, personal data includes the following information: the User's personal information; passport data; registered address; address of the place of residence; phone number; El. Address; place of employment. This privacy policy does not apply to the activities of companies that are not in our direct subordination, as well as persons who are not our employees, including those providing content, third parties, as well as any kind of third party websites that our website can refer to.

Obtaining and use of personal information

The Processor, on behalf of the Controller, processes Personal Data in various ways, including but not limited to: collecting, registering, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting (changing), searching, consulting, using, disclosing by transfer, distribution (availability), alignment or combination, restriction, erasure (destruction). We process only personal data received directly from customers. Personal information is needed when buying products, when registering a partner account, for receiving a subscription letter with news, or in order to use some of our services. We will use this information to answer your questions, provide you with our products and services, to create a partner account and inform you about new products and services. By accessing our services and voluntarily providing us with the necessary personal information, you consent to the receipt and use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Directive. Within the processing of Personal Data, you have the right: to receive information about the purpose of using your data; receive information about employees authorized to process information; receive information about third parties who may have access to personal data; Require the Processor to modify or delete personal data; receive a copy of your personal data; to submit complaints to the appropriate state body about the improper use of personal data by the Processor.

The receipt and use of non-personal information

We automatically receive and record certain kind of information that is not personal, in the logs of our server, which is transmitted by your browser and includes your IP address, information about Cookies and the request page. We can use this information in order to adapt the content that you see to the requirements of users, as well as to fulfill your requests concerning certain products and services. Despite this, we do not establish a connection between information that is not personal, and any personal data coming from you. Cookies have no connection with personal information. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for their use.

Sharing and dissemination of information

We do not share your personal information with third parties. Use of personal data of users is possible only for certain, explicit and legitimate purposes, including, but not limited to, if necessary, notify, respond to a request, provide our services, report new products. Also, user data is used to pay out the funds earned through our affiliate program.


Processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of your consent, by accepting this offer. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If you provided us with personal information, but no longer consent to its use, please let us know via the feedback (tickets). If you do not agree with the receipt and use of your personal information contained in this policy, you can limit the list of data processed by contacting the manager to make changes to your personal data.


We guarantee a high degree of protection of the transmission of your personal data via the Internet. The information that is stored in our electronic form is protected by us for secrecy and security purposes and can not be transferred to third parties without your written consent. In some fragments of our websites we use standard SSL encryption to protect the data transfer. We also protect your personal information from unauthorized access through access control technologies, network access control systems (firewalls). For violation of this provision, employees of our company who have access to confidential information are personally responsible for the degree of its protection provided for by EU legislation.

Changes to this privacy policy

We have the right from time to time to amend this policy, taking into account the changes in the relevant EU legislation. We will notify you of such changes by sending SMS notifications. The fact that you continue to use our website after the changes are made shows that you agree with the changes and the new policy.

Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this privacy policy or the treatment and processing of your personal information, please write to our support team and we will try to answer all your questions.

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